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About Justin Morris

My name is Justin Morris, I was born and raised here in Alamance County. As an agent I have three core beliefs that I operate my work out of. Number one being loyalty. My clients have my 100% loyalty throughout the entire process, my heart is to provide you with the most success for your money, time and investment. This means putting aside what might be most convenient for me, or what might make me the most money, you are the priority in my business not myself. The second belief being hard work. I pride myself in being the hardest worker in the room. It’s important to me to give my best in all that i do, and that is what you are guaranteed day in and day out as my client; my best. Number three is simply being there for my client. Life can be hectic at times, especially during the home buying and moving processes. My goal is to be there for you, no matter the time or day, you know I am a phone call or text away, and someone you can truly trust have your best interest at heart. I look forward to our future interactions!